Our Future Today

What a wonderful train ride we've had on the M&ET!  From our first locomotive -- a gas-powered passenger coach -- to several steam locomotives, to the GE 70-tonners, to the EMD SW1500s and, now, today's 2000Hp GenSets ... officially unveiled here.

No question the GE-70 tonners have been our dependable workhorses for many years.  However, our growing need for greater power, along with advances in technology and a better understanding of the impact of emissions, M&ET has proudly joined a more green-era!  As stated  "After working with a Railpower demonstration unit for over two weeks, the decision to purchase their Eco-Motive locomotive was easy for us.  Not only does the model meet our area's current and future emission standards, but it achieves a level of performance that our current fleet cannot match.  The unrivaled tractive effort it delivers allows us to pull more with less, which positively affects our bottom line."

We are very pleased at M&ET to be one of the first railroads in the nation to operate a 100% GenSet fleet!

Color and graphics on this GenSet were designed by M&ET employee, Mark Forrest ... 
... great job, Mark!